What we do

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Direct Mail & Marketing

By utilising our Multimedia Marketing Services, we ensure your communications are sent to the right people using the right marketing information and build up a Direct Marketing Strategy that is designed to succeed. Our targeting and Design experience will help you create a campaign that suits your business, your products and services.


Promotional Campaigns

Sandridge Media run a programme to provide and place smart and professionally produced charity awareness graphics for placement in empty shop windows; smartening the overall environment and covering lower occupancy while consciously raising awareness for local or National charities.


Design Services

Design is a core component in the services we offer, from Branding to Websites our team can use their creative skills to make you stand out! Our team can work with you to create the best graphic design solutions to support your branding. If you’re looking to rebrand or if you’re starting fresh, we can help you with the whole process of producing your unique look that will make sure you stand out!



Stimulate your clients into positive action! It has been proven by scientists and retail leaders worldwide that the release of certain aromas in stores can induce a feeling of comfort, relaxation or stimulation in the consumer promoting much higher purchase rates. If it works so well in store, why not incorporate it into your own advertising campaign and acheive similar results?