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By utilising our Multimedia Marketing Services, we ensure your communications are sent to the right people using the right marketing information and build up a Direct Marketing Strategy that is designed to succeed.

Our targeting and Design experience will help you create a campaign that suits your business, your products and services.

But to do this you need to call on experienced professionals with access to the right information and expertise; who build, track and fine tune the right campaigns.

This may sound too good to be true but to Sandridge Media this is a daily undertaking, as our success is based on yours.

From our locations in Sussex and London, we carefully construct properly considered direct marketing campaigns, targeting the right customers.

Sandridge Media will design and build a direct mail marketing campaign to suit your budget, ensuring that our own service charges and the enclosing / postage costs are kept to a minimum.

Our expert staff are also ready and willing to advise your business on the most cost effective direct marketing campaign formats to achieve the most from your budget.

We then guide you through the process, from selecting quantity, size, and the number of insertions through to folding pre-print requirements and data needs, designing the ideal menu of direct mail services for your business.

We produce the complete package including printing, personalisation, pack production and postal distribution, utilising multiple production units for the maximum efficiency and quality standards.

We also provide a wide range of options to choose from and can help you with the creative, design and printing for your campaign or we can work alongside your agency or your own marketing department.

We have access to specific databases to ensure that your campaign’s business mailing list is targeted at the right people, maximising your return on investment.


Postal Discounts

We can save you substantial costs on your postage. We can obtain postal discounts, ensuring that you always get the best price for your campaign. We will advise you on the best route to take and help you get the best value. We want your campaign to be a success. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

Campaign Response Handling

Once a campaign has been designed and the communication has been issued, the next challenge to consider is how you will engage with and manage the expectations of the prospective customers who respond. Normally there will be a surge of responses that need to be processed in some way that includes an element of capturing the vital contact and/or order information. This needs to be done in a timely fashion to avoid the lead going cold and the success of the campaign not being realised.

With the support of your dedicated campaign manager, why not let us remove the burden of receiving manual orders, capturing their personal information, linking the response to a campaign and issuing a thank you? Give your sales force the best possible chance of This will free up your sales or fulfilment team to concentrate on maximising on the opportunity.